Metals Recruiting

Our metals recruiting experts find the very best talent solutions and leadership capital active in the industry today. Through an intensive vetting process and a high-touch method, we are building long-lasting, industry expanding relationships.

Our metals recruiting professionals specialize in sourcing top metal manufacturing and fabrication talent within Pennsylvania manufacturing markets and on a national scale. Partnering with CDP Solutions recruitment consultants provides access to a massive network of over 600 locations, positioned to meet hiring needs on a global level. We conduct the executive searches that strengthen the metal manufacturing industry, delivering those leaders agile enough and with the experience to make the hard decisions that will carry you towards real and lasting growth.


An Engaged Search with CDP Solutions balances a contingency search’s fiscal versatility with a level of committed resources that is more synonymous with a retained search option.


Our metals recruiting Contingency Searches are built for clients who do not require the exclusivity or critical attention of more advanced options. The client is only charged when a leadership solution is delivered and secure—this option allows organizations to engage and assess our services without an initial financial commitment.


For an urgent search for crucial talent, there is no better or more exclusive option than CDP Solution’s Retained Search. With a committed investment, our metals recruiting consultants uphold a process, built on full accountability, that guarantees the delivery of foundational specialized talent with a time-to-hire to ensure your organization continues to maximize their competitive potential.

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