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Whether it's retained, engaged or contingency search, CDP Solutions stands as the chemicals recruitment agency to identify, attract, retain and manage the diverse talent and leadership required by the industry and its various verticals.

The Premier Chemicals Recruitment Agency Partner

At CDP Solutions, we empower chemical industry clientele to establish and enhance teams essential for maintaining competitiveness, fostering innovation and ensuring success in this aggressively competitive market. Our search methodologies are adapted to align with your specific recruitment requirements, employing a highly individualized and collaborative technique to attract, appraise and onboard only the most skilled candidates who resonate with your mission, vision and values. Our tactics aim to elevate your operational performance by connecting you with professionals who consistently demonstrate excellence and leadership in their respective fields.

As a dedicated chemicals recruitment agency with a focus on the chemicals sector, we deliver customized consulting and talent acquisition solutions to help you stay ahead in this fast-paced industry. Boasting comprehensive expertise in the field, including its technologies, processes and workforce, we have cultivated long-lasting relationships, acquired crucial market intelligence and built an extensive network to address all your talent and leadership requirements. With a wealth of experience in serving the chemical industry, we are well-positioned to supply the assistance you need to flourish.

Discover a vast array of talent within the chemical industry.

As an accomplished, trustworthy, and efficient chemicals recruitment agency, CDP Solutions supports aerospace, automotive, medical, power, and oil & gas companies in obtaining manufacturing, engineering, continuous improvement, sales, procurement, supply chain, quality, maintenance, safety, accounting and other specialized talents crucial for the creation, production, testing, and distribution of a comprehensive range of products and technologies reliant on chemical engineering.

At CDP Solutions, our objectives extend beyond simply filling vacancies. Our thorough process, honed over decades of service, is designed to optimize the potential contributions of each placement. We dedicate time to comprehending your organization, your teams and your mission, formulating a talent acquisition and management strategy customized to accommodate your immediate and long-term hiring needs.