Metal Recruiters

Metal Recruiters

The metal recruiters at CDP Solutions deliver driven talent through an extensive placement process, providing impactful talent to industry-leading companies and organizations. Our metal recruiters specialize in sourcing top metal manufacturing and fabrication talent in Pennsylvania manufacturing markets and beyond. Partnering with CDP Solutions recruitment consultants provides access to a massive network of over 600 locations, positioned nationally and globally, all focused on utilizing their industry knowledge to find accurate placements, enhancing company culture and the competitive potential of our clients.


An Engaged Search with CDP Solutions balances a contingency search’s fiscal versatility with a level of rigor and focus that is more closely associated with a retained option


Our metal recruiters Contingency Searches for clients who do not require the exclusivity or critical attention of more advanced options. No initial financial commitment is required—this option allows organizations to engage and assess our services without an initial financial commitment.


For an urgent search for crucial talent, there is no better or more exclusive option than CDP Solution’s Retained Search. With a committed investment, our metal recruiters guarantee top talent with maximum efficiency.

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