Metal Fabrication Recruitment

Metal Fabrication Recruitment

CDP Solutions is a leading metal fabrication recruitment and search firm specializing in various metals industries and a full spectrum of manufacturing. With the purpose of responding to clients and their strategic growth plans, CDP Solutions equips organizations with the tools they need to locate and place industry-leading talent.

Finding the right talent is dependent on finding the right balance between analytics and instincts. CDP Solutions not only has the resources and research to refine the search process but also has the experience necessary for identifying those intangible qualities that separate the best talent from the rest. With a meticulous metal fabrication recruitment process and a range of options, CDP Solutions has continued to provide unparalleled talent for numerous clients.

Contingency Metal Fabrication Recruitment

Our contingency search option is for employers that do not require the exclusivity or critical attention of more advanced options. No initial financial commitment is required—this option allows organizations to engage and assess our arsenal of recruiting services without an up-front fee.

Dedicated Retained Search

For a crucial search for crucial talent, there is no better or more exclusive option than CDP Solution’s retained search option. With a committed investment, our transparent recruiting process guarantees the delivery of foundational leadership capital with a time-to-hire that ensures your organization continues to operate at full strength.

Engaged Search Agency

An engaged search with the metal fabrication recruitment team at CDP Solutions balances a contingency search’s fiscal versatility with a level of committed resources that is more synonymous with a retained search option.

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When your company needs talent, CDP Solutions is here to help. is here to help. Our metal fabrication recruitment team accesses a global network to find the best possible candidate for the position. Reach out to us today to find out how we can serve you.