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From retained to engaged or contingency search, CDP is the chemical industry recruiter to identify, engage, secure and manage the diverse talent and leadership demanded by this sector and its various verticals.

Connecting your business with the chemical sector's top talent

At CDP Solutions, we collaborate with our chemical industry partners to build and expand their teams, enabling them to stay competitive and innovative in this demanding field. Our search models are tailored to accommodate your specific hiring requirements, utilizing a deeply personalized and cooperative approach to identify, assess and secure only the most qualified candidates who align with your mission, vision and values. Every step we take is aimed at bolstering your operational capabilities by delivering professionals who have demonstrated success and dominance in their fields.

We are committed chemical industry recruiters, offering specialized consultation and talent acquisition services to help you stay ahead in this rapidly changing industry. Our deep knowledge of the industry, its technology, processes and, most crucially, its people, sets us apart. Our decades of experience in the chemical sector have enabled us to build long-lasting and fruitful relationships, acquire invaluable market insights and establish a robust network capable of fulfilling all your talent and leadership requirements.

Tap into a comprehensive range of chemical sector talent

As a seasoned, reputable and reliable chemical industry recruiter, CDP Solutions assists aerospace, automotive, medical, power and oil & gas companies in acquiring the manufacturing, engineering, continuous improvement, sales, procurement, supply chain, quality, maintenance, safety, accounting and other specialized talents necessary for the design, production, testing and distribution of a wide variety of products and technologies dependent on chemical engineering.

At CDP Solutions, our objective goes beyond merely filling roles. Our comprehensive process, honed over years of service, concentrates on optimizing the potential impact of each placement. We invest time in understanding your organization, your teams and your objectives, crafting a talent acquisition and management strategy tailored to address your current and future hiring needs.