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From retained to engaged or contingency search, CDP is the CNC recruitment agency capable of locating, engaging, securing, and managing the diverse talent and leadership your industry and all its verticals demand.  

Growing businesses. Helping company cultures thrive.

CNC machinists, operators, and programming positions have become increasingly more difficult for employers to fill. At CDP Solutions, we mitigate these challenges by leveraging a worldwide network to locate, access, and secure highly specialized and qualified cultural matches—candidates who will be essential to your growth within increasingly competitive markets. Our truly collaborative and customized process efficiently enhances your operational capabilities.

As a tested and proven CNC recruitment agency, we understand the spaces CNC technology serves, the roles essential to its productive implementation, and the people who make its creation, use and maintenance possible. We combine high-value, real-time market intelligence with a high-touch hiring process, creating long-lasting and mutually beneficial matches across every industry in which CNC plays a critical role.

Gain access to a full spectrum of CNC talent.

As an experienced, established, and trusted CNC recruitment agency, CDP Solutions helps the medical, aerospace, transportation, power, oil and gas, electronics, marine, optical, and expanding set of industries secure the specialized CNC talent needed to design, manufacture, test, and distribute a vast array of products dependent upon this versatile technology.   

Our goal at CDP Solutions is more than simply finding candidates for roles. Our detailed process, developed over decades of service, focuses on maximizing the potential impact of every placement. We get to know your organization, your teams, and your mission, putting together a talent acquisition and management strategy designed to meet your immediate and projected hiring needs.